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At Roolf Outdoor Living, we combine elegance and playfulness to bring your living space to life. Our collections are carefully designed and crafted with colourful, unique and durable textures that enhance your outdoor living.

"Our style? We call it Eye-catching, Boho-infused, free-spirited, effortless with a touch of attitude... At Roolf Outdoor Living, we combine these elements to create a unique atmosphere in your outdoor space."
Roolf Outdoor Living's collection of outdoor poufs has set a new standard for outdoor furniture and has captured the hearts of design enthusiasts around the world.

Discover the versatility of Roolf Outdoor Living; outdoor poufs, loveseats, cushions, outdoor rugs, teak furniture, outdoor lamps, rugs to even dog baskets. In short, everything to transform your garden and terrace into a true oasis of comfort and style.

Whether you are looking for patio furniture or a comfortable lounge set, you will find the perfect match for your outdoor environment at Roolf Outdoor Living. Our outdoor poufs and beanbags create a relaxing atmosphere in your outdoor paradise. 

Pool? Our Poufs Float!

Looking for furniture that meets all your needs, even near the pool? 
Discover our special poufs that float and offer stylish comfort. 
Whether you relax by the pool or enjoy them in your garden, our collections are designed to complement your lifestyle with a unique touch.

Browse through our extensive collection and find the perfect additions for your outdoor life. 
Bet the kids can have huge fun when they float on our poolside poufs?

So what are you waiting for? 
Turn your outdoor space into a true oasis with our outdoor furniture and outdoor living products. Start your journey to a better outdoor experience today.

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Our award-winning Dotty collection, honoured with the prestigious German Red Dot Award, is only 5 years old and has already captured the hearts of our customers. Made from 100% thin-spun and UV-stabilised polypropylene, all our fabrics are resistant to sun and rain. 
The unique multi-coloured yarns add an extra dimension to our products.
Thanks to padding with quick-drying foam, our Dotty poufs offer unrivalled soft seating comfort.

At Roolf Living, we understand that every moment counts, which is why we strive for the perfect combination of style and functionality. Discover the improved Dotty poufs for yourself and enjoy a seating experience on a new level.

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Elegant Refinement with the Silky Collection from Roolf Outdoor Living

Extraordinary Luxury in Silk-Look Fabric
At Roolf Living, we take your comfort and style to the next level with our Silky collection. Our new silk-look fabric offers not only visual splendour, but also an exceptionally soft feel. We pay attention to every detail, with the refined English stitching demonstrating our commitment to craftsmanship.

Removable Covers for Ultimate Convenience
What's more, our seating is cleverly designed with an inner pocket, making the covers easily removable. This means you can effortlessly enjoy luxury and functionality all in one. Whether you want to beautify your terrace or interior, our Silky collection adds a feast for the eyes and indispensable value to any space.

Discover Roolf Living's Silky collection and embrace the harmony between aesthetics and comfort in your living environment.

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Roolf designs and manufactures high-quality, budget-friendly, eye-catching outdoor rugs and furniture designed for chilling.

Live your Roolf moments to the fullest

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Get ready to sit, chill and enjoy outdoor life on your own terms.

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