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Roolf Living - Sterk
Roolf outdoor furniture and fabrics are made of 100% polyprop.
The Silky collection is made of polyester.
They are meant to withstand the forces of nature.


Roolf Living - Comfortabel
You need to relax? Here's your answer: the Dotty Pouf, the Love Seat, the Sunbed... they have all been designed with your comfort in mind. Firm? Yes. But no hard edges, no steel frames. Only loads of softness. Let it go...

Easy cleaning

Roolf Living - Makkelijke reiniging
Outdoor lounge furniture is meant for chilling, not for hours of cleaning. The fabrics we use help you get priorities straight. Enjoy!

Outdoor = Indoor

Roolf Living - Outdoor = Indoor
The Roolf rugs, chairs, seats... are equally perfect for indoor use. Imagine them in your living room, bij the fireplace, in the kid's corner... Choose freely.


Roolf Living - Budgetvriendelijk
We want to make sure everybody can enjoy the pleasure of outdoor lounging. So we've made this collection very affordable. (The look of exclusivity is a free gift from us to you.)

Unique texture

Roolf Living - Unieke textuur
Whichever colour you choose - and we have many - each of them is made up of at least 3 different shades. Looking at your Roolf lounge set never gets boring, we've made sure of that.

Dry quick

Droogt snel
All Roolf fabrics are permeable, which means rain or dewdrops pass right through. No puddles. No algae. No moss. Dry pants.

Buddies with the sun

Vriendjes met de zon
Each and every item in the Roolf collection has been UV-treated, which means all those beautiful colours will keep their wonderful appearance. Let the sun shine, ladies and gentlemen. (And in case you want extra protection, we've got it covered: just ask for our handy UV-protector spray.)


Roolf Living - Lightweight
Had enough sun? Want to move to the shade, or vice versa? Just pick up your lounge set and go sit where you want to. There’s nothing to it.

Too stiff or not too stiff

Roolf Living - Te hard of niet te hard
Do I feel too stiff? Solved in a jiffy! Just take out one or more of the high-quality UPS-granulate pads we've put in for that very reason: you're the boss when it comes to deciding how your pouf should feel. Don't throw the pads away though. That way, you can put them back whenever you wish. (And you can always buy a refill pack.)

Happy floater

Roolf Living - Happy floater
Yes, the Dotty Pouf even floats. There's a bit of magic it it. Just say abracadabra and go sit on water.

Safety zipper

Roolf Living - Veiligheidssluiting
Don't want your kids or pets to accidentally open your pouf? That makes two of us. So we've made sure to equip them with a safety zipper. Impossible to open without a funky little keychain we are happy to provide with you.

Be your own architect

Roolf Living - Wees uw eigen architect
Release your inner artist and arrange your outdoor lounge furniture any way you want. All models are totally modular (wat's in a word?) So go ahead and combine them to your heart's content.


Urban space

Roolf Living - Urban space
We don't all have a spacious garden to enjoy those happy Roolf-moments in. And that's just fine. If you're the proud owner of a cosy patio or a wooden deck, know that Roolf is the perfect fit for you as well. We wouldn't have it any other way.

Looks matter

Roolf Living - Uiterlijk telt
Outdoor living is our kind of living. To us, it means letting things go. Take a seat, see what happens. The look of our lounge range reflects just that. Some call it vintage, others call it bohemian. We call it cool. Your rugs, chairs, seats, sunbeds... all come in many colours and many shapes. Together, they form your own world of lounge. Prepare for a unique look with many feels and embrace that special state of mind: chillax.

Made in Belgium

Roolf Living - Made in Belgium
Flemish textile is world-renowned. This is a label we carry with pride.

Red dot design award

Roolf Living - Red dot design award
This we also carry with pride: the Dotty Pouf has won the prestigious Red Dot Design Award 2018 for its original design. (

IMO certificate

IMO- certificaat
AHOY there! Get on board and let your worries about furniture on a ship be thrown overboard! We are proud to say that Roolf is seaworthy, thanks to its coveted IMO certification.

Get ready to sit, chill and enjoy outdoor life on your own terms.

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