Roolf Black Edition Outdoor lamps

Light up your Outdoor Living with Roolf's Black Edition Lamps for Garden and Terrace.

Let your garden and terrace shine with the enchanting glow of our Outdoor Lamps.

With this beautiful outdoor lighting, you not only create a luxurious look, but also enjoy the outdoors for longer in a cosy and soothing atmosphere. 
On top of that, each element can work on solar energy. 
With the handy remote control, you can easily set different moods, from a vibrant disco to a romantic ambiance, 
perfect for reading or for a fireside glow.
In addition, the illuminated ice bucket from the same collection offers a magical atmosphere on your terrace. Opt for style, durability and autonomy with Roolf Black Edition.
In the modern world, we face the challenge of using natural resources carefully. The Roolf Black Edition meets this social need to a great extent. 
Our lampadaires are manufactured from BIO-polyethylene, a natural product made from sugarcane.
By making our products from renewable raw materials, we not only help preserve our planet's finite resources, but also actively reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Sugar cane absorbs CO2 from the air as it grows.
After sugar cane is harvested, alcohol is formed through fermentation, similar to wine production, from which polyethylene is then produced. 
No petroleum, no fracking, but 100% Roolf Black Edition.
Choose sustainability, choose Roolf Black Edition lamps and transform your outdoor space into an oasis of style and comfort.