Frequently Asked Questions

Is the furniture compatible with seawater?

A small amount of sea water, from people coming from the sea, is not a problem. Entering the sea with the furniture however is not recommended because of odours, algae ...

Do you have covers for the furniture?

No, we do not have them available.

Is the furniture sensitive to mold?

No, however, it is recommended to place the seats upside down from time to time, so that the bottom can also ventilate. 

How to remove stains?

In case of stains, dampen the soiled area (do not rub) with a soft absorbent cloth. Use a solution of mild soap and water to remove dirty stains. 

Is the cover removable?

The cover is not removable. This was not foreseen because of the already user-friendly maintenance options. 

What is the recommended cleaning for the Roolf products?

Rinse with a garden hose or clean with a high pressure washer. When using a high pressure washer, keep a distance of 20 cm. If necessary, use a mild soap. No bleach! The carpet can of course also be vacuumed.

How quickly does the furniture dry after a rain shower when it is not in the sun?

Depending on the outside temperature and the humidity, this can take 2 to 3 hours. Once the sun is out, it goes faster!

The furniture can feel a bit hard at the start, is this normal?

We like to make the comparison with wearing new shoes. In the beginning these can also feel a bit stiff, but the longer you wear them, the more comfortable they become and this is also the case with our furniture! We also work with removable refill cushions, which can be removed from the furniture at the start, and then put back in due time. This way you can determine your optimal seating comfort yourself.

What material do the products consist of?

The carpets and furniture covers = 100% polypropylene

The filling = high-quality EPS granulate

Which warranty applies?

2 years in normal use.

Can the furniture be left outside in the winter?

Our furniture and rugs are weatherproof, although it is advisable to shelter them from harsh weather conditions. This is because extreme weather conditions such as cold temperatures, frost, snow and humidity can affect even the most durable materials. 
If you don't have the option of storing them indoors, use our Dotty protector or Silky protector. These provide a simple but effective protection against wind and weather so that your poufs continue to shine year after year!

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