Wintering outside?

If you want to not only keep your poufs clean, but also extend their lifespan, use our protective cover. 
It provides a simple but effective protection against wind and weather so that your poufs continue to shine year after year!

Wintering outdoors?

Roolf Outdoor Living's poufs are made of 100% polypropylene and are perfect for outdoor use. 
If you not only want to keep your garden furniture clean, but also extend its lifespan, use our protector. 
That offers simple but effective protection against wind and weather, so that your garden furniture continues to shine year after year.

You can use the cover for overwintering, but it also comes in handy during our changeable in-between seasons.

A protective cover... so many advantages:

  • Extends lifespan
  • Protects against weather conditions
  • Protects against dirt and moisture
  • Protects against mould and mildew

The protective covers are available for the following models:

  • DOTTY Round pouf Ø 50
  • DOTTY Round pouf Ø 70
  • DOTTY Small
  • DOTT Medium
  • DOTTY Club Corner medium
  • DOTTY Extra Large
  • DOTTY Club Corner XL
  • DOTTY Longchair
  • DOTTY Love Seat
  • SILKY Single Seat
  • SILKY Corner Seat
  • SILKY Club Seat
  • SILKY Long Chair
  • SILKY Square Pouf
  • SILKY Round Pouf

A good protective cover should protect but at the same time prevent suffocation, otherwise your furniture may go mouldy. 
The protector has a water-repellent outer layer and a breathable inner layer. The cover is custom-made and completely encloses your poufs. 
It can be closed with simple Velcro fasteners and a zip at the back. 
The handle at the top makes lifting very easy.