The Single Seat: create your ideal outdoor space

Discover our modular Single Seats from Roolf Outdoor Living and transform your outdoor space as you wish. 
With endless configuration options, you can enjoy comfort and style wherever and however you want.

Single Seats Outdoor Poufs: Create Your Ideal Outdoor Space

Discover our Outdoor Single Seats: create a versatile setting to your liking.

Let your summer season shine with Roolf Outdoor Living's outdoor poufs, an absolute must-have for lovers of gardens and terraces. Complete your terrace with the Single Seat Pouf! 
Part of our extensive collection of outdoor furniture, our versatile single seats will transform your summers into relaxed and trendy outdoor paradises in the years to come.
Our Single Seats are not just seating furniture; they are a statement. Whether you enjoy the sun by the pool, relax on your terrace or socialise in your garden, these Single Seats offer the comfort and style you are looking for.
Get ready for an unforgettable summer with Roolf Outdoor Living's Single Seats! Thanks to its powerful construction of 100% thin-spun UV-stabilised polypropylene, our fabric effortlessly withstands both sun and rain. With a lush, robust textile structure, our beanbags with premium EPS filling offer ergonomic comfort. 
They effortlessly adapt to your body's movements for an unrivalled seating experience.
Life is what you make of it! With Roolf Outdoor Living, we want to help you make the most of it. We should cherish those memorable moments, and these moments are usually a cocktail of family, friends, good times in the right place. 
Our single seats are modular, so you can create a versatile setting to your liking. A corner here, a double seat there, a seat apart? From each other, together... Do as you please. 
Our collection offers endless possibilities for furnishing your garden, patio or balcony. Enjoy the freedom to design your own unique outdoor space. The velvety look of our indoor/outdoor fabrics adds extra value to your surroundings. It is not only a pleasure of comfort, but also a treat for the eye.