Extend your outdoor life thanks to Hot Dotty.

Hot Dotty offers the ultimate heat experience to extend your outdoor life. The built-in rechargeable heater gives you a comfortable and warm feeling.

Our Hot Dotty instantly heats the essential organs located in this part of the body, offering an intense feeling of warmth.

The Hot DOTTY comes with 1 battery as standard.
By purchasing an extra battery, you can constantly enjoy a warm feeling. While one battery is charging, you can simply use the other!
Thanks to the easy charging system Double Charger/ Single Charger, you can quickly and easily recharge your battery whenever you want.

This beanbag with high-quality EPS filling is ergonomic and comfortable as it adapts to your body's movements. 
Outdoor seat (and indoor seat) with integrated rechargeable heating element, to extend your outdoor life and make it last all year round. The lounge seat is made of 100% UV-stabilised PP yarn. PP yarn is a comfortable and very light yarn, which absorbs only 0 to 0.05% moisture, is resistant to the sun, rain, bacteria and micro-organisms and is 100% recyclable thanks to its monostructure. The textile structure is very thick and strong.

How does the Hot Dotty work?

The Hot Dotty features a high-quality heating element that heats you comfortably. You choose the heat you want by switching in the heat modes.

  • Position 1 (white): battery is connected
  • Position 2 (yellow): 38/42°C
  • Setting 3 (red): 52/56°C

The pouf is heated wirelessly by a battery, in setting 2 it gives 7-8 hours of heat and in setting 3 it gives 2-3 hours of heat

Battery charging time is on average 2-4 hours.