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Let your summer season shine with Roolf Outdoor Living's outdoor poufs, an absolute must-have for lovers of gardens and terraces.

Complete your terrace with an outdoor pouf!

Part of our extensive collection of outdoor furniture, our versatile poufs will transform your summers into relaxed and trendy outdoor paradises in the years to come.
Our poufs are not just seating furniture; they are a statement. Whether you enjoy the sun by the pool, relax on your terrace or socialise in your garden, these poufs offer the comfort and style you're looking for. And best of all, our poufs float! Even place them in the pool for an extra touch of luxury.
Get ready for an unforgettable summer with Roolf Outdoor Living's pouf!
Thanks to its powerful construction of 100% thin-spun UV-stabilised polypropylene, our fabric effortlessly withstands both sun and rain. 
With a lush, robust textile structure, our beanbags with premium EPS filling offer ergonomic comfort. 
They effortlessly adapt to your body's movements for an unrivalled seating experience.